A central heat pump is so efficient it gives you up to 2.5 kW of usable heat for every $1.00 of electricity you purchase. 

How is that possible?

Heat pumps don't generate heat, they move heat that already exist indoors & outdoors, 

giving you one of the most energy efficient heating & cooling solutions on the market

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

What is a Central Heat Pump?

A central heat pump (aka a ducted heat pump) consists of an outdoor unit (the compressor/ condenser) connect to an indoor unit (which is hooked up to your ducts.)                                                                                                                     The indoor unit distributes the hot or cool air through the ducts, depending on the desired temperature. For home with a ducted heating system, oil with forced air or wood, burning1 Watt of oil gives you 0.77 Watts of usable heat.

With our Yorke Ducted Heat pump, for 1 Watt of electricity used, you get 2.5 watts of usable heat, that’s an increase of 225% in efficiency, and thousands of dollars saved. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Stay warm or cool, depending on the season.

Heat pumps are heat transporters. In the winter you can extract heat energy from outside and bring it in, and in the summer, heat pumps extract the heat energy from your house, pumping cool air back in.

This can all be easily set up to operate with your current ducts and vents if they are in good working condition.