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What is a Central Heat Pump?

A central heat pump (or ducted heat pump) consists of an outdoor compressor connected to an indoor unit which is hooked up to distribute warm or cool air through your ducts.

For homes with a ducted heating system, burning 1 watt of traditional oil with forced air gives you 0.77 Watts of usable heat. With our York Ducted Heat Pump, you get up to 3.25 watts of usable heat - an increase of 300% in efficiency, and thousands of dollars saved.

  • Your home has existing ductwork

  • Your home is broken up into many sections

  • Your home gets uneven heating or cooling

  • You don’t like purchasing oil or wood fuel

  • Would like to save money over an electric furnace

Don’t have duct work? How about a ductless mini-split?


Valid on installations from April 1, 2018. Some restrictions may apply & government rebates may change at any given time

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Your free assessment includes a review of your electrical panel and service, a home layout and square footage review, discussion on which areas of your home are most frequented and some basic education on how Mini Split Ductless Heat Pumps can reduce your home heating costs.

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