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A Geothermal heating system pays for itself in savings!


Most geothermal heat pump systems have COP’s (coefficient of performance) of 3–4. That means for every one unit of energy used to power the system, three to four units are supplied as heat. This is compared to an electric baseboard COP of 1 or burning oil at 0.7. Our WaterFurnace 7 Series™ COP is 5.3, the top in the market for efficiency, for every dollar you spend, you get up to $5 in usable heat. This can mean a savings of up to 70% on other traditional methods.

While geothermal heat pumps might cost more than a traditional HVAC installation, the monthly savings will far exceed the cost difference. By comparing to traditional baseboard heating, a Geothermal solution is up 500% more efficient than what is installed in those homes. Typically we estimate that the savings you’ll see on your utility bill will pay for the extra installation cost in five to seven years.

  • You’re looking for an environmentally friendly option

  • You don’t like the look of an outdoor unit

  • You have existing ductwork in your home

  • You’re looking for a higher Net Zero Option

  • You live in a climate where temperatures below -20 degrees celsius are common

  • Great for both commercial and residential applications

  • Works in both new and existing homes


Valid on installations from April 1, 2018. Some restrictions may apply & government rebates may change at any given time

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