How do heat pumps work?

The science behind how heat pumps work has been around for decades, however it's only been until recent years that people are realizing how effective it is for heating a home. Heat pumps should actually be thought of as heat transporters. Click below to learn about how heat pumps work.

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Stay Warm This Winter

Even though it feels cold outside, there is still heat energy present.  A heat pump pulls this heat energy from outside with it’s refrigerant lines into your home. For every 1 KW it uses to pump, it can pull up to 3 KW of heat in, resulting in efficiency up to 300% more than an electric baseboard. 


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How can I save money?

Having your home properly assesed by a certified HVAC technician, the right heat pump installed and properly maintained can save you thousands of dollars in heating costs. Our heat pumps can give you up to 3kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity purchased. Compared to a electric baseboard that will give you 1kW of heat for 1kW purchased.

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