Even when it’s cold outside, there is still heat energy present.  A heat pump pulls this energy into your home and releases it where desired. Some mini-splits can still extract heat energy from temperatures as low as -30 degrees C, making them ideal heating solution for even the harshest Atlantic Canadian winters.


With a push of the button on your indoor unit, A heat pump can start extracting the heat from inside your home and pumping cool air indoors. While moving cool air inside your home, mini splits also helps dehumidify the indoor air


Fujitsu has been the best brand in heat pumps for over 20 years. Fujitsu heat pumps exceed the highest efficiency standards in the country and as Canada’s largest Fujitsu dealer, we bring unmatched  expertise and maintenance to your home. Backed by a full 10 year parts & labour warranty you can rest easy knowing you have an ultra quiet, energy-efficient solution in your home.

Available Options

  • Single zone installs for small homes open floor plans
  • Multi zone installs for larger multi floor plans
  • Wall or floor mounted units
  • 9,000 TO 36,000 BTU
  • 16 TO 33 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)