A mini split (also known as a ductless heat pump) is so efficient it gives you up to $3.00 of usable heat for every $1.00 of electricity you purchase. 

How is that possible? Heat pumps don't generate heat, they move heat that already exist indoors & outdoors, 

giving you one of the most energy efficient heating & cooling solutions on the market. 

What is a mini-split?    

A Mini-split (AKA a ductless heat pump) consists of 3 main parts, the indoor unit, the transporting lines and the outdoor unit (the compressor.) The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the transporting lines to circulate it, absorbing and releasing the heat energy where desired.

heat pumps in NB, NS & PEI

Even though it feels cold outside, there is still heat energy present.  A heat pump pulls this heat energy from outside with it’s refrigerant lines into your home. For every 1 KW it uses to pump, it can pull up to 3 KW of heat in, resulting in efficiency up to 300% more than an electric baseboard. 

Can a heat pump be a real heating solutions in Atlantic Canada’s harsh winters?

We have units that can extract heat energy perfectly from down to -30 degrees C. So yes, we have units that for the majority of Atlantic Canadian winters you can rely on to keep your home warm. 

Heat pumps for NB, NS & PEI

Too hot in your house? With a push of the button on your indoor unit, A heat pump can start extracting the heat from inside your home and pumping only cool air indoors. 

If you think of a heat pump like a heat transporter. You can decided where you want the heat transported, inside during cold winter months and than outside in the summer to keep your home cool.




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