Video Tips

Fujitsu Heat Pumps



1.       How often do you clean your filters?

Monthly is best. It is very important when changing your setting from heat to cool or cool to heat to clean the filters at the same time. Pets can cause the filters to clog up faster. The instructions to clean your filters are in your manual as well as on our website.

2.       Should you use Energy Saving Mode?

 No. This reduces the fan speed and the temperature. You will find it cooler and the unit will have to work harder to bring the room back up to a comfortable temperature. This function would be used in warmer climates; not NB.

3.       Should you “set it and forget it”?

Yes you can. You can set the unit for the temperature you are most comfortable with and leave it there. If you are setting the temperature higher than you would have before with electric baseboard, then you need to understand you are reducing the amount of efficiency you may have expected.

4.       What temperature is the unit rated for?

-26 ambient temperature. (Wind chill does not matter.)

5.      Should you turn the unit off at -26 so it doesn’t break?

No. You should never turn the unit off.

6.       Should you use the auto function?

No. The unit will decide whether to be in heating or cooling mode depending on the temperature in the room and the temperature you have it set to. Many factors such as the sun coming in a window could turn the unit to AC in the winter.

7.       Should you use the room occupancy sensor?

No. The unit will reduce the temperature by 4 degrees when it detects the room is unoccupied. When someone comes back in the room, the fan comes on high to bring the room back up to temperature quickly. This is not efficient.